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Tradespeople should install a storage unit in their van or ute. Image Description: A custom storage unit or drawer offers a great deal of benefits to tradespeople working in the field. It allows them to store and organize their tools and equipment more efficiently.

Top 3 Trades who benefit from a custom-designed van storage unit

Whenever there’s a burst pipe, a dead outlet, or a leak in your office, factory or home, your usual response is to hire a tradesperson to come and fix it. Trying to fix the problem yourself may only lead to further damage, so better leave it to the experts. After all, a qualified tradie has the skills and tools necessary to get the job done seamlessly and fast.

Calling in a tradesperson in case of an emergency or for a scheduled service has never been easier these days, thanks to the improved means communication and transportation. With just one call, they can quickly make their way to your home or workplace, assess the situation, and recommend a solution. They usually travel in a van or truck, carrying all their tools and the materials needed for the repair.

Unfortunately, having a van or utility vehicle alone is no longer sufficient to ensure the ultimate productivity and efficiency in the field. Smart tradies are now customizing their vans or trucks by installing a van storage unit where they can conveniently organize and store their working tools and equipment. This way they can easily access exactly what is needed (and when it’s needed) without sorting through clutter for the exact tool or part at the right time.

Here are some of the trades who will seriously benefit by fitting a top notch storage unit or custom made storage drawers made by Best Off Road for their commercial vehicles.


Are you sick and tired of electrical surges killing your appliances one by one? Or perhaps your circuit breaker is tripping frequently. Whatever your electrical problem is, electricians are the best qualified for the job. In their vans, you’ll find a wide range of items, including circuit testers, screw drivers, wire strippers, and pliers to name a few. You know you’ve hired a reliable tradie if all their tools are carefully arranged in a custom storage unit or storage drawers fitted in the van.


Clogged drains and leaky pipes are best left to plumbers. Unlike an electrician’s tools, a plumber’s tools are usually designed to resist the impact of moisture. After all, plumbing jobs often involve exposure to various kinds of fluid, including hard water and sewage. Plumbers with a custom designed van storage unit can easily and safely store away all their tools before and after use.


If there’s one thing you can easily associate with janitorial services, it’s the profusion of cleaning equipment and agents, from simple hand-held rugs to heavy-duty pressure cleaners. Of course they cannot store the larger pieces of equipment in a van storage unit, but instead they can use the storage unit space to store away all the ancillary items for less clutter and much improved organization.

There are many other trades who will benefit from fitting a well-designed storage space in their vehicles. Even retailers with work vehicles can greatly benefit by adding this feature. If you want one for your own vehicle, there are several things you should consider. Quality and reliability is critical. You need to have trust in the manufacturer and be assured that they are there to help with service well after the sale.

Most importantly, make sure that the storage unit is designed and manufactured locally and by a trusted provider. Here in Victoria, your best option for a respected van storage manufacturer is Best Off Road in Dandenong.

Call Jim and the team for a no obligation quote and checkout their selection of custom drawer units in the showroom or on the website. You won’t be disappointed.


A van equipped with a storage unit designed by Australia’s top manufacturer

Stay organised with a van storage unit this winter.

There’s no stopping us Aussies from enjoying the great outdoors. Not even the cold of winter. In fact no matter the season, many of us have a passion to explore all of the country’s great trails, so much so that “winter camping” has became a common term. If you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon, here are a few winter camping hacks you should consider. Continue reading

Prioritise these three aspects for an effective van storage solution

Three important factors to consider when shopping for work van storage solutions

Mobile technicians across multiple industries spend a considerable part of a typical work day sifting through various tools and parts in the back of their van. This affects overall productivity, which is why bespoke van storage has been on the rise in the commercial van market. More and more businesses are forgoing traditional work trucks for cargo carrying vans simply because they offer greater flexibility when it comes to storage capacity. Before you start planning where to place drawers, trays, racks or shelves, be sure to keep these factors in mind to ensure the best possible fitment.

Safety During Vehicle Movement

You have to take into account how vibrations will affect items stowed inside drawers or on shelves. Beyond the interest of protecting sensitive equipment or expensive parts, this has more to do with the safety of the driver or passengers. Unsecured cargo can shift and potentially enter the cab when the vehicle lurches forward or suddenly brakes. Drawers must be able to withstand an impact and have built-in partitions to ensure the safety of workers and security of tools and equipment. In the same vein, any open racks or shelving should also be equipped with safety straps to keep everything in place under all conditions.

Durability of Materials Used

If you have a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, damaged drawers or racks are not likely to be regularly inspected or replaced. They may lose their effectiveness and even become a hindrance to the technician. It is therefore crucial to prioritise quality and durability when choosing viable storage systems for your vans. The market offers plenty of material options, including plywood, aluminum, steel and composite—each offering unique benefits. Right now, steel is considered the strongest and most cost-effective material for fleets carrying heavy equipment. Meanwhile, aluminum and composite materials are more ideal for vans carrying light cargo and companies looking to maximise fuel economy.

Post-Installation Vehicle Weight

Keeping track of the van’s gross vehicle weight is good practice for fleets, especially after installing and loading up a new storage system. If the body of the van becomes too heavy, it will be dangerously close to the gross vehicle weight limit, and you won’t be able to carry additional cargo. The vehicle’s weight also impacts fuel economy, meaning that a heavier van translates to more liters per 100 kms. Essentially, your drivers will spend more time driving and filling up the tank than getting the job done. Finding the right balance between weight and fuel efficiency should therefore be a key consideration.

Customisable storage options are available to suit your specific needs and preferences. Call the experts at Best Off Road to get professional advice and help organise your work vans more efficiently.


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Choose the right ute storage for your needs

Considerations when choosing a ute storage unit for your vehicle

Are you looking for an efficient way to organise your tools and equipment so that you can improve the quality of your services? Whether you are running a plumbing firm or delivering supplies across the city or regional areas, you can greatly benefit from well-organised products and paraphernalia. Not only will it speed up your work (as it rids you of the need for finding or sorting items prior to use or delivery), it will also prevent you from misplacing valuable items, which can be counterproductive and time consuming to your business.

One of the best solutions is to install a ute storage drawer. This is a tailored box with drawers and dividers of various sizes placed in the rear of your ute to serve as storage for a wide range of small and medium-sized items. Ute storage is becoming increasingly popular because of its many advantages. If you plan on having one in your ute, you should consider several important factors to make the most out of your ideal setup.

Type of Vehicle

The design of your ute storage drawers will greatly depend on the type of vehicle you will install it in. Although there are off-the-rack or universal units designed to fit in any type of vehicle, you might want to look into model-specific and customised designs. There will of course be differences between a storage unit for a typical Ford or Holden ute and one designed for a late model pickup truck, so factor that in as well. If there is an existing installation that you cannot remove, you can always opt to customise.

Functions of Ute Storage

When you’re planning to on purchasing a ute storage unit, think of its possible functions first. Will it be used to store and sort out electrical, electronic or plumbing tools, products or bits and pieces? Do you intend to use it to organise camping gear? Perhaps you visit and sell to clients and just looking for a more orderly presentation. Choose a design that will best suit your needs. To make the unit more convenient to use, consider customising instead.

Volume and Sizes of Items

Ute storage units come in various depths. The taller the unit, the more items you can place in it. Decide on the unit you purchase based on the size and number of items you need to store,

Accounting for the volume and size required will guide you to the most efficient design. Some items, however, may be too long or bulky even for the largest ute storage units, so you will want to choose your items carefully and think of innovative ways to fit everything neatly and securely in your vehicle.

Now that you know the three major factors to consider when searching for the best ute storage unit, all you have to do is to find the right supplier. With the many suppliers out there, it can be daunting to find one that is reliable with expertise in meeting all your specific design needs—a supplier like Best Off Road—so be smart. The last thing you need is a mismatch unit that could cost more to resize.

If you are looking for Australian made tough ute storage units that can be fully customised to suit any application, then call in the experts and give the friendly team at Best Off Road a call.


The many benefits and uses of ute trays

Custom van storage ideas: From campsite to grocery to sporting field

More than camping to get done? Here are 3 reasons custom van storage is still an essential

Now that you’ve invested in a van, you might want to think about the next steps toward making it well worth that investment. Be it for work, family, sport or other activities outfitting it with custom storage units can help you really make full use of all the space within your van.

Though custom van storage is often an amenity for happy campers, it can do much more than equip your family for the great outdoors. The extra space it provides can better organise all your weekly work items such as tools and equipment, ease packing for extended trips and help you prioritise your storage with the most important or frequently used items on board.

Make day trips a breeze

Whether you travel long distances to regional areas or run multiple short trips across town, having the peace of mind that you can sort and find everything you need for each particular job without any delay or hassle is sure to make for more productive work days.

Custom dividers and drawers fitted to the rear of your van can help you secure larger pieces of equipment or appliances as needed for your daily travel requirements.

Get tidy with van storage for daily tasks

If your custom storage enables you to transport everything you need for special trips, it can certainly help you deal with more routine ones without any fuss.

Do you have trouble making sure your tools don’t roll around the backseat? Are you tired of not being able to find your spare parts, testing equipment, electrical hardware or bits and pieces easily and in one place? Was your older vehicle becoming overcrowded with your work gear and equipment?

Designing units that can accommodate all your different everyday items can go a long way to ensuring you’ll complete daily tasks more quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

Great for sports and recreation

Occasionally rounding up your mates for a weekend match or getaway is a no-brainer for well designed and fitted custom storage units. Regardless if you’re bringing footballs, golf clubs, hockey sticks, or cricket gear, you’ll appreciate compartments that securely store all that equipment without any loss or damage. It might be easy enough to find that distinctly coloured tennis racket, but imagine dropping off someone with the wrong bag of used gear!

Custom storage is also a bonus if you have more specialised hobbies, like fishing or hunting. Not only can you pack your rods, reels and hunting gear safely in order, but imagine having a fridge-in-drawer unit to keep your catch fresh all the way back to camp or home.

There are as many custom options as there are reasons to use them. If you need local help to decide on what storage is best for you circumstances then get expert advice from the team at Best Off Road.


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A 4WD storage drawer can help make each camping trip easier and enjoyable

Getting ready for a camping trip with a 4WD storage drawer in your Off-Roader

Australia is well known throughout the world for its spectacular landscapes and forests. Our backwoods stretch out for thousands of kilometers, providing locals and tourists with fantastic park views and campsites. Just a week in the wilderness can remove all the stress from your body and help you refresh and prepare for getting back to work. If you want to fully enjoy your camping trip, there are a number of things you need to prepare.

Tent and Bed

To make the most out of your camping experience, don’t deny yourself a good night’s sleep. A spacious tent and a comfortable bed are must-haves when camping. After a long day trekking into the wild, hiking, fishing or just plain relaxing, your tent and bed can give you some much-needed rest throughout the evening.

Makeshift Lamp

Evenings at the campsite can be particularly dark, pitch black in most cases, which is why you need to set up temporary lighting. A flashlight will not provide your tent’s interior with ambient light. Using candles or a gas-powered lamp won’t be enough either, and can also pose fire hazards. The best alternative is a lamp strapped to a gallon jug of water. The light from the lamp is refracted as it passes through the translucent container, spreading the light inside the tent.

Mosquito Repellent

You’ll likely encounter mosquitoes at some point during your camping trip. Expect these pesky pests to abound particularly near a water source. This is why it is imperative to bring mosquito repellent when going camping. Choosing a tent that can be zipped shut is always a good idea to keep mosquitoes and other pests out.


It is best to bring clothing suited to the environment and weather, both during the day and for night time.. Temperature differences between day and night can vary substantially across Australia, so be prepared for cold, warm wet or dry climates, depending on your planned trip locations.. During the day, wear loose clothing so that you can freely move around in comfort. It is wise to bring some head protection from the harsh sun, so a wide-brimmed hat will not go astray either.

Where to store your items

Before adding more items to your list, determine how you will store them into your 4WD. One smart way to keep things organized in your vehicle throughout the camping trip is to place them in a storage drawer. Equipped with carefully measured partitions, the drawer offers sufficient space for each type of item you wish to carry on your journey. To ensure that your storage drawer is of the highest quality, have it locally built and installed by professional 4WD storage providers, like Best Off Road.

Need more help?

Why not give the friendly team at Best Off Road a call. They’re experts in their field so if you are not sure how to best go about organising your 4WD storage, have a chat to Jim and the boys and get the job done properly the first time.


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Storage Solution for Your Cargo

Cargo vans have become increasingly popular with the modern on-the-go working professionals. Latest versions of various compact vans such as the Transit Connect (Ford), Chevy City Express and Nissan NV200 are designed with the end user in mind. Vehicle manufacturers these days are increasingly incorporating elements that recognize the exacting needs of the modern professionals who spend most of their time in the car. These manufactureres understand that these people spend such a large chunk of their lifetime ‘on the road’. And that thier car which becomes their next home will definitely need sustantial and custom-built storage to accommodate them.


Most automobile companies of today are doing all they can to make cargo storage completely DIY (do-it-yourself). This is a major component of the cargo storage solution as space alone isn’t everything.

Depending on the nature of the cargo or the work you do, your cargo drawer system (which you sure will need) will have to be set up to meet your specific cargo carriage needs.

An electrician won’t need the same cargo drawer setup as that of a photographer for instance. The best way to ensure the same vehicle brand accommodates the carriage needs of both the professionals is to determine if they can be allowed to implement their own cargo drawer setup.

Not everyone will need the same amount of space for their on-the-go cargo storage. And with the increasingly shifting life of the typical modern professional from the office to the ‘road’, any little addition to the amount of space in the compact van is a lifesaver.

How then do you maximise your vehicle’s cargo storage space for default shelving solutions and products? Here are the top DIY tricks to maximise your vehicle’s cargo space usage and improve the quality of your drive time.

Use a ladder rack when carrying or storing ladders

Like any other artillery in the typical craftsman’s arsenal, storing or carrying ladders around may always mean you put them inside the limited space in your van. With a ladder rack however, you can open a lot of interior cargo space for the storage of a lot more important equipment.

Here’s how you can select the right ladder for your van:

Superior quality and rust-resistant

Go for top quality when choosing your ladder rack. A robust ladder rack of superior quality that’s also rust-resistant will definitely give you value for your money.

On the job, you can expect your van to be exposed to quite some moisture and constant wear during your work. The rack needs to be resilient enough to withstand all that impact and abrasive use. Resistance to rust is a plus as rust can seriously accelerate aging of your ladder rack.

You can confirm these features by asking whether your ladder rack is powder-coated. A powder-coated rack should be primed for heavy use and rust resistance.

Match the rack system with your van

The physical design of your van will generally determine the type of rack you can use as part of your extended cargo draw system. Be sure to find and use the right fit your motor van.

Types of Racks to Choose From

Some racks will fit only at the top of your van while others will allow space for the sides. The kind of rack you choose may determine how many ladders you can carry at any point. Here are the main types of racks to choose from.

The clamp & lock

This type suits on your van’s top. You have to push the ladder in place on top of the van before you lock the ladder in place.

It has a handle in the back that enables you to clamp the ladder onto a bracket using the clamp system as a means to secure it in place.

The clamp & lock type requires that you use an arm strength or a step ladder or to hoist the ladder to the top since it doesn’t drop down to the side of the van. The rack is best for those professionals who use their ladders only infrequently.

EZ lo-down

This is a rack with prongs that drop down the side of your van. This allows you to simply place the ladder on the prongs before pushing the ladder back up to the top of your van where it meets brackets that will secure it in place.

This tool is useful for busy professionals that frequently need to use the ladder or mount and dismount it from one worksite to another. Compared to the clamp & lock frame, it’s easier and efficient to retrieve the ladder for use from the top of the van with this type of rack.

Utility van rack

This 2-3 bar ladder stand requires that you strap/tie the ladder onto its frame as it has no other alternative mechanism of attaching the ladder there. It’s mostly used to carry longer and lighter cargo items such as canoes, planks and kayaks.

2. Incorporate a soft luggage rack for lighter items

Including a soft luggage rack inside your van as part of your cargo drawer system during the cargo drawer setup will enable you to utilise the roof cavity to store soft, light articles. The drop down gate leaves space enough for you to still use your centre rear vision mirror provided it is set up properly.

3. Cargo barriers

Consider using rated cargo barriers to enable you to maximise storage area use safely and securely. Cargo barriers are an essential part of the professional grade van cargo drawer system. They help accessorise the van in many ways such as:

  • – Helping maximise the cargo space in your work van;
  • – Optimising the space in your van for safe transportation of your valuable tools and equipment;
  • – Keeping everything organised;and
  • – Increasing efficiency on-the-job

4. Consider shelving the van


Van shelving is key in a cargo drawer setup that keeps your valuable equipment off the floor. In addition, the cargo drawer system that features van shelves maximises space utility. That is because items of different sizes can be perfectly grouped together in different shelves. Just be sure to go for durable shelving units to give you maximum value for your money.


In cargo drawer setup, you don’t have to pick only a few solutions and leave out the rest. You can actually use a combination of some or all of these storage solutions to make the best use of your van storage.

Best Off Road Custom Drawers

Safe, Secure Smart Storage Drawers

Your business is always on the move and life is non-stop so with such a busy lifestyle its difficult to find time to get everything finished on time. Often your ute, van or 4WD becomes a second home and potentially even your main office.

It can be easy to lose things in this second home of yours, but even worse than those vehicles that can be easy to break into. Tools and equipment are frequently targeted because the work car usually sits in a driveway or on the street at night. Everybody wants to make safety  as your priority while on the road, right?

Best Off Road Two Drawer Roller Bearing UnitsStorage Drawers not only keep your tools and equipment safe, it can help you organise the week ahead by using the slide-out drawer compartments & maximising the amount of room in your cabin so you can fit extra equipment.

And, whether the drawer comes with the vehicle or it’s built and installed separately, there’s an increasing attention to the sort of terrain that the user will be driving over. This consideration tends to determine the material used to make the drawer. Bare metallic material is definitely likely to make a lot of noise which is one of the key reasons we use material to quieten down the sound and make it more user friendly.

If your are driving consistently over bumpy terrain, this should play a role in your choice for storage drawers and identifying the best points to secure the 4wd drawers.

Here’s what not to leave out in a typical tradie’s drawer.

Best Off Road fridge in drawer


This will be a lifesaver. You can have all your drinks and quick snacks well preserved to keep you going through the day. There are lots of camping refrigerators that will serve you just perfectly. They are designed for use on the go and are optimised for energy saving so the usage won’t take a toll on your battery. Having a slide out fridge option is also really important for accessibility.

A custom drawer will accommodate the full size of the fridge and keep it safe and unaffected by any form of impact.

plumber's mercedes vito

Tool boxes

There are a couple of new range of standard slide drawers which regular tradies find really exciting. They come with various partitions that are great for the normal day to day carriage needs. You can allocate different partitions for different classes of tools and we make ute boxes for every make and model.

They make organisation much easier with virtually any utility vehicle. These drawers for tradies have been designed to fit most of the makes and models of utes and commercial vans.

Drawer features to look for

Depending on your storage requirements, the material used to make the drawer matters. A typical tradie is likely to carry a few tools and a couple of other things that will need a sturdy drawer material for longevity and for specific jobs.

Drawers made from quality powder coated steel with well rated heavy duty slides make quite a lot of sense. Such drawers often come with superior stainless steel lockable handles – particularly T handles.

Whether to have the drawer fitted on its own or for a full organisation of your ute or work vehicle is your choice. A common practice is to add a false floor with racking fitted above it for keeping more loose items.

Drawer Sizes

The size and capacity of tradie’s drawer are important to keep in mind. Regardless of the type of trade you are into, there are always new tools and inventory you acquire, so it only makes sense to leave yourself plenty of room in anticipation of these.

A very tiny drawer may not be exactly what you are looking for, unless it’s meant to carry a single fixed item such as your fridge. Otherwise you need to always choose your drawer size with future needs for expansion in mind.

The bottom line is, if you can get the right combination of features for your drawers then your ute will be a perfect workshop on wheels.

Benefits of storage drawers

Drawers allow you to organize your things. You can keep all tools needed for the same purpose together to save you the last minute headache of turning over piles of tools to get what you are looking for, when you urgently need it.

The importance of time couldn’t be more emphasized when you are working. As a tradie, every minute you save as a result of a well-organized drawer system translates to more income for you.

Drawers also help you save on space. Overcrowding can make a big space look really small for anything. Your ute can seem too little to carry all the stuff you need at work or as you hit the road. However, keeping things neatly inside drawers reduces crowding and ensures maximum utility of every inch of space in your car. This way, you can use the limited space to carry unusually more items.

You won’t have to stop in the middle of your work to go looking for food either. With your fridge in your vehicle you can carry enough drinks and snacks to take through the time you are out working. This helps reduce downtime and makes you more productive overall.

The fact that drawers enable you to carry all the items you may need for your work cannot be overlooked either. You able to really work on any job-site anywhere because of the drawers that place everything you need within reach.

Wrap up

Drawers make you a true tradesman. If you haven’t installed one on your ute already then you won’t know what you are missing until you do. Time to consider getting some drawers for your van or ute.

Storage Options for Your Van


The commercial car market has been introducing lots of vans with a variety of bespoke storage options lately. This has made the case to avail of a cargo van stronger, instead of a traditional work truck.

For one, not all vans have fitted with storage compartment. This translates to greater freedom and flexibility, as you can customise storage compartments according to your needs.

And fortunately, a local car unit builder can make the storage drawer you need.

For wagons, two drawer roller bearing units are great. These are lockable and will typically feature removable dividers.

How to set up

Bolt them into existing points in the car, to forego drilling. The drawer should be easy to fit, and weigh approximately 150 kilograms each.

For Utes, consider installing two drawer roller bearing units. Each unit should be custom designed to minimise the use of space in each Ute and should weigh about 150 kilograms per drawer.

Van drawer options

For your brand new van, you have unlimited options for a drawer, as this can be custom-made. You can choose from the following:

Floor on top of drawers

Having your drawers neatly stacked beneath a full new carpeted floor provides ample space for all your smaller tools and gear, while the floor remains for all your big stuff.

If you desire some level of versatility, use removable dividers and relocate them from time to time depending on your carriage needs.

Single drawer units

If you want to store particular items on one side of the van and leave the other siude vacant for big items then go for single drawer units.

These are available in different lengths, heights and widths.

Three drawer unit

For bigger tools to be stored on one side and smaller ones on the other, you can install a set of small drawers with 160mm internal height.

You can also separate tools, fittings and fixtures by putting partitions. Use compartment dividers to provide up to 21 small compartments and one large compartment in each drawer.

Custom Units

These are the best and most professional looking. Custom van drawer units can be designed to suit virtually any application and travelling storage need.

In Melbourne, you can have a custom unit built at very affordable fees by a seasoned builder.  You can modify the unit to suit your storage needs accordingly.

Fridge in drawer unit

You may want to keep your beverages and food preserved. This is where having a fridge in a drawer unit comes in handy

These units perfectly keep your fridge down low in a way that’s easy to access. They typically feature a movable panel that drops into place when the fridge is not needed.

Further, with this you won’t need an expensive fridge slide. It’s ideal for camping and travelling, and even during busy work days.

Now that you know your options on drawers for your van, here are the things you should consider before setting up the drawers:

Effect of vibrations

Think about the items you plan to keep in the drawers. How will all the vibrating and shifting affect the items?

How often will you go off-road? If yes, you must be prepared for quite a bit of vibration in the van drawers.

You can take care of all that vibration by having a custom unit or a couple of custom van drawers. These can be well-fitted to absorb most of the vibrations.


A good builder will recommend putting partitions in your drawers as an essential safety feature.

In case the drawers got hit or had to endure an impact, the partitions will keep your stuff securely in place.

Consider the drawer material

Plywood, aluminium, steel or composite — what material will best suit your van drawers?  Traditional steel interiors tend to be the most cost-effective up front.

Composite and aluminium materials are however lighter and will be ideal for fuel economy.

In case the vehicle will be carrying varying range of weight in different road conditions, especially those with pot holes, then you should choose steel. Steel is generally sturdier than aluminium, composite or plywood.

However, if you want to control vibrations, plywood or composite would be your best choice.

Composite is also suitable when you carry small things and you need to adjust the drawers accordingly.

Moreover, composite storage will not make too much noise as your things shake because of the bumps on the road. This is more quiet compared to steel and aluminium materials.

If you go for the metals nonetheless, you can still dampen the noise by putting a carpet on the metal walls.


The bottom line is that you can make your van look and feel, without entailing excessive cost. If you don’t know what will work best, let your local supplier help you out by giving you design options for your van drawers.

Pimp Your Ride: Get Yourself Top Notch Drawer Systems From Best Off Road

blogpost banner

What’s missing from your 4WD or Ute?

It is something that you might not be quick to guess, yet its importance cannot be undermined.

I’m referring to a High Quality Drawer System.

But you don’t need just any drawer system.

You need one from Best Off Road.

We make them with complete care and precision, ensuring that each unit will serve you for many years.

strong>Why Get a Drawer System from Best Off Road?

hi Simply put, we are bloody good at what we do. We are a small company with big ideas. That’s why no one else will make you a drawer system that is as durable as the ones we install.

And no one can match our price.

And that’s not even half of it.

Our drawers are beautiful. Made from vintage plywood, these drawer systems will give your ride a look that will be the envy of your neighbours and fellow 4WD owners.


Plywood makes drawer systems uper light and they move with your vehicle’s chassis, especially when you are driving in rough terrain.

They are perfectly fitted and they slide in and out seamlessly. You will enjoy sliding them in and out, feeling the seamless motion in your hands. Nothing beats that feeling.

Quality Drawer Systems


At Best Off Road we use state-of-the-art computerised equipment to design top notch 4WD drawer systems.

Our process of construction ensures that no other manufacturer can match the quality of our drawer systems.
Everything – from the dimensions, to alignment, to design and fit – is measured and controlled to ensure the best finished product.

When finally fitted, the drawers leave no unwanted gaps. More importantly, the drawer system is completely sealed to ensure that dust does not creep in when the drawers are closed.

Note that some of the other drawer systems in the market leave up to an inch at the top drawer.

The result?

Dust pours into the drawers. You end up paying a high price for a drawer system that is not dustproof.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Variety is Our Middle Name

Have a look at our fridge in drawer unit to get a better idea of what you are actually buying.

If you can’t find a design that inspires you among our pre-made units, we will custom install one for you.

Custom Made Storage Drawer Systems for Vans, 4WD, and Tradies

What makes us different from all our competitors?

Apart from offering the highest quality storage drawer systems, we also take the time to listen to our customers so we could fully custom drawer system fittings.

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to things.

Which is why we can custom build unique drawer systems for your ride or any ride. Even better, often, the price will be in the same range as our premade fittings.

Our experience and expertise with storage drawer systems mean we can come up with creative designs to suit your needs and style.

You get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

Great Use of Your Vehicle’s Space

Since we build the drawer system to match your vehicle’s exact size, you end up getting more storage space in your drawers, more than what you’d get with conventional steel drawers.


Our units are secured to existing points in your vehicle, saving you even more space.
Many 4WD come equipped with 4 or more tie-down anchor points in the rear cargo space. We use these points to mount the drawer system, meaning we do not drill additional and unnecessary holes in your vehicle’s bodywork.
Did we mention the meticulousness of our process?

Easy to Mount and Remove

You probably don’t need the drawer system mounted on your vehicle all the time. We thought of that too.
Most of the drawer systems from Best Off Road have been designed to be easily removed when necessary. If you can change a light bulb in your house, you can mount and unmount these babes with so much ease.

Reinstalling the system is also as easy.

With just two spanners and a little craftsmanship, you will have the unit back in your vehicle in no time.

Is Plywood Strong Enough for 4WD Drawer Systems?

This is a good question.

Some people wonder whether plywood drawer systems are strong enough to withstand the bump and bustle of a rough terrain.

From experience, we can confidently vouch for plywood drawer systems. They are stronger and more versatile than drawers made of steel.

It is common knowledge that steel can crack, especially on riveted joints or welds.


On the other hand, well-riveted and glued plywood rarely comes apart.

As long as the drawers are made of plywood, not MDF or chipboard, you are guaranteed of a drawer system that is suitable in almost all road and weather conditions.

Further, ply absorbs shock better than metal. Take a metal and a plywood drawer system on rough terrain and observe how the two handle the shock.

Steel drawers will start developing metal fatigue while its ply counterpart remains as good as new.

After a few years, metal drawers become rotty and noisy. The noise itself will make you dread in anticipating your next trip. Plywood does not have this problem.

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