Ute Drawers


Top Quality Custom Ute Drawer Systems From $1399

Make your work day easier by finding exactly what you need, right when you need it. Our high-quality custom ute drawer storage systems are installed in hundreds of satisfied customer’s vehicles around Australia.

Single Drawer Units

  • Free up space with ute storage drawers on just one side.
  • Choose from our huge range of lengths, widths and heights.
  • Rated to 150 kg.

Two Drawer Roller Bearing Units for Utes

  • Each storage drawer custom-designed to maximise your space.
  • 150 kg per ute drawer.
  • Full floor doubles your ute’s storage space.
  • Standard height 290mm, available from 220-480 mm.

Three Drawer Unit

  • Two small drawers of 160mm height, larger drawer 360mm.
  • Efficiently store big tools on one side, small tools and fittings separately.
  • Optional compartment dividers can provide 21 small/1 large compartments per drawer.
three drawer unit Best Off Road


  • Flat slide with 18mm base – ideal to secure equipment and machinery.
  • Super slide’s low sides and dividers hold everything in place.
  • Makes accessing gear easy, no climbing into the back needed!
  • Great for shopping – groceries and purchases don’t slide around.
  • Attaches to the top of your drawers into captive nuts – easily taken off in 5 minutes.
Slides for Vehicle Storage

Super Heavy Duty Slide

  • Creates a full slide out floor in your ute.
  • Rated to 450 kg evenly-spread, 300 kg on the end.
  • Unbreakable and super-tough.
  • Available with tie-down points.
Best Off Road heavy duty slide

Fridge In Drawer Unit

  • Smart fridge placement – easy to access
  • When fridge isn’t needed, drop-down panel creates a flat top two-drawer unit.
  • Save money – no need for a pricey fridge slide.
  • Tradie unit during the week / great for weekend camping and travelling!
fridge in drawer unit

Custom Units

  • We can customise nearly any design to suit any application.
  • Affordable custom units don’t cost a fortune.
  • Ongoing modifications to meet your changing needs
Ash - Custom storage units for Utes

Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.