Ute Drawers

Ute Storage Drawers

Ute drawers make your work day easier by finding exactly what you need, right when you need it. Our high-quality custom dual cab and ute drawer systems are installed in hundreds of satisfied customer’s vehicles around Australia.

Top Quality Custom Ute Drawer Systems From $1399

At Best Off Road we knows that there is always a need for quick and simple access to your equipment – whether it’s tools of the trade, fishing gear, camping equipment or sporting goods. That is why we design our ute storage drawers with the convenience of the modern ute owner in mind.

These lightweight ute storage systems are fully customisable and can be adapted to a variety of ute models, ensuring you get the best storage solution for your needs.

Our family-run Melbourne business is committed to providing tradies, outdoor enthusiasts, and all other kinds of ute owners with a solution tailored specifically to your vehicle’s design. Over more than a decade, we have provided hundreds of happy and satisfied customers with premium ute drawers in Melbourne. At Best Off Road we provide high-quality products, premium customer care, and precise installation.

Check out our ute drawers options and get in touch today for a quote. All of our dual cab ute drawer systems can be easily installed with no drilling to your vehicle’s body at our onsite location in Melbourne. Alternatively, we can ship your custom ute drawers to any location in Australia.

The Best Off Road team make an incredible set of Ute drawers. James and the team are professional, friendly and are great tradesmen. I am extremely pleased with my drawers and the great installation.
AAA+++ Strongly recommend.

– Gary Ryan

Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.

Ute Storage Units

We design, manufacture and fit a wide range of storage solutions for utes, including dual cab utes.
Browse below for our most popular models.
Looking for something a unique? No problem, contact us today for a design and quote.

Single Drawer Units

A single drawer alone is great for storage on one side, leaving plenty of room for big items on the other. A single drawer can be coupled with a slide or workbench to maximise the use of space, while still leaving plenty of room for large items when you need it.

  • Available in a huge range of lengths, widths and heights.
  • High weight capacity – load rating starts at 150 kg per drawer
  • All units have quality parts and locks as standard

Two Drawer Units

The two drawer is one of our most popular unit for utes. This design leaves plenty of space on top to carry items.

  • Each storage drawer is custom-designed to maximise your space.
  • 150 kg load rating per drawer.
  • Standard height 290mm, available from 220-480 mm.
  • Full floor doubles your ute’s storage space. Wings at the side of the unit give a clean look and maximum storage space on top.
  • High-load bearing units mean you can store even the heaviest of items on top of the drawer unit.
ute drawers new locks

Three Drawer Unit

The three drawer unit allows the efficient storage of big tools on one side, small tools and fittings on the other, while leaving ample space on top for large and/or long items.

  • Two small drawers of 160mm height, larger drawer 360mm.
  • Design includes two small 160mm high drawers, plus the larger 360mm drawer.
  • Custom wings at the sides of the unit give a clean look and maximise your storage on top.
  • High-load bearing units allow you to store heavy items on top.
  • Optional drawer dividers provide up to 21 compartments per drawer.
three drawer unit Best Off Road


Slides are a lightweight, heavy duty, multi-purpose addition to your drawer system. They are ideal for securing equipment and machinery or even the weekly grocery shopping.

  • Flat slide with 18mm base – ideal to secure equipment and machinery.
  • Super slide’s low sides and dividers hold everything in place.
  • Easy access to all your gear – no climbing in the back!
  • Attaches to the top of your drawers into existing nuts – removable in under five minutes.
Slides for Vehicle Storage

Super Heavy Duty Slide

This Super heavy duty slide is designed to create a full slide out floor in your ute.

  • Rated to 450 kg evenly-spread and 300 kg on the end.
  • Unbreakable and super-tough.
  • Available with tie-down points.
heavy duty slide

Fridge In Drawer Unit

Keep your fridge or any other appliance that you need easy to access to in a made to measure drawer.

  • Smart fridge placement makes it easy to access
  • When fridge isn’t needed, drop-down panel creates a flat top two-drawer unit.
  • The more economical option – drawers are cheaper than slides, while still being strong enough to easily support a fridge.
  • Multi-purpose – perfect for work during the week as well as weekend camping and travelling with the family!
fridge in drawer unit

Custom Units for Utes & Dual Cabs

If you can’t find your perfect design from our extensive range of standard units, we will custom-design and manufacture storage to fit your unique needs.

  • We can build just about any design to suit any vehicle or application.
  • We can provide ongoing modifications to suit your changing needs.
  • Our custom units don’t cost a fortune!
Ash - Custom storage units for Utes

Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.

Jim Best

Ute & Dual Cab Drawer Systems

No matter the need, Best Off Road has you covered with ute and dual cab drawer systems that are built to last using the latest computer-controlled machine technologies. Our ute and dual cab drawers come in a variety of styles to fit your needs and always include:

  • stainless steel roller bearings
  • 3mm galvanised steel angle running rails
  • locks on drawers
  • vehicle stays
  • lifetime replacement warranties on rail & roller bearing systems

Single, double and triple drawer solutions are custom designed to meet specific day-to-day needs. Each drawer comes in at under 75 kilos, can fit any width or length and is built to have a load capacity of up to 150 kilos. These drawers offer ute and dual cab owners tons of extra storage capacity with features including:

  • customisable heights, typically ranging from 160mm-480mm
  • optional compartmental dividers
  • choose between standard or heavy-duty load capacity up 300 kilos

We design and install heavy-duty floor slides that have up to a 450-kilo evenly-spread load capacity and are so tough they’re nearly unbreakable. Best Off Road also creates slides that feature an 18mm base. These slides make it easy to secure equipment, groceries, and anything you don’t want sliding around the back.

Our storage solutions are just what you need to get the most out of your vehicle’s space and easily access both small objects and large heavy equipment. Don’t see what you are looking for? No problem! Contact us to talk about your ideal custom ute storage drawer solution.

Great product and customer service. Good quality and durability.

– Nick Fogarty