Storage Solution for Your Cargo

Cargo vans have become increasingly popular with the modern on-the-go working professionals. Latest versions of various compact vans such as the Transit Connect (Ford), Chevy City Express and Nissan NV200 are designed with the end user in mind. Vehicle manufacturers these days are increasingly incorporating elements that recognize the exacting needs of the modern professionals who spend most of their time in the car. These manufactureres understand that these people spend such a large chunk of their lifetime ‘on the road’. And that thier car which becomes their next home will definitely need sustantial and custom-built storage to accommodate them.


Most automobile companies of today are doing all they can to make cargo storage completely DIY (do-it-yourself). This is a major component of the cargo storage solution as space alone isn’t everything.

Depending on the nature of the cargo or the work you do, your cargo drawer system (which you sure will need) will have to be set up to meet your specific cargo carriage needs.

An electrician won’t need the same cargo drawer setup as that of a photographer for instance. The best way to ensure the same vehicle brand accommodates the carriage needs of both the professionals is to determine if they can be allowed to implement their own cargo drawer setup.

Not everyone will need the same amount of space for their on-the-go cargo storage. And with the increasingly shifting life of the typical modern professional from the office to the ‘road’, any little addition to the amount of space in the compact van is a lifesaver.

How then do you maximise your vehicle’s cargo storage space for default shelving solutions and products? Here are the top DIY tricks to maximise your vehicle’s cargo space usage and improve the quality of your drive time.

Use a ladder rack when carrying or storing ladders

Like any other artillery in the typical craftsman’s arsenal, storing or carrying ladders around may always mean you put them inside the limited space in your van. With a ladder rack however, you can open a lot of interior cargo space for the storage of a lot more important equipment.

Here’s how you can select the right ladder for your van:

Superior quality and rust-resistant

Go for top quality when choosing your ladder rack. A robust ladder rack of superior quality that’s also rust-resistant will definitely give you value for your money.

On the job, you can expect your van to be exposed to quite some moisture and constant wear during your work. The rack needs to be resilient enough to withstand all that impact and abrasive use. Resistance to rust is a plus as rust can seriously accelerate aging of your ladder rack.

You can confirm these features by asking whether your ladder rack is powder-coated. A powder-coated rack should be primed for heavy use and rust resistance.

Match the rack system with your van

The physical design of your van will generally determine the type of rack you can use as part of your extended cargo draw system. Be sure to find and use the right fit your motor van.

Types of Racks to Choose From

Some racks will fit only at the top of your van while others will allow space for the sides. The kind of rack you choose may determine how many ladders you can carry at any point. Here are the main types of racks to choose from.

The clamp & lock

This type suits on your van’s top. You have to push the ladder in place on top of the van before you lock the ladder in place.

It has a handle in the back that enables you to clamp the ladder onto a bracket using the clamp system as a means to secure it in place.

The clamp & lock type requires that you use an arm strength or a step ladder or to hoist the ladder to the top since it doesn’t drop down to the side of the van. The rack is best for those professionals who use their ladders only infrequently.

EZ lo-down

This is a rack with prongs that drop down the side of your van. This allows you to simply place the ladder on the prongs before pushing the ladder back up to the top of your van where it meets brackets that will secure it in place.

This tool is useful for busy professionals that frequently need to use the ladder or mount and dismount it from one worksite to another. Compared to the clamp & lock frame, it’s easier and efficient to retrieve the ladder for use from the top of the van with this type of rack.

Utility van rack

This 2-3 bar ladder stand requires that you strap/tie the ladder onto its frame as it has no other alternative mechanism of attaching the ladder there. It’s mostly used to carry longer and lighter cargo items such as canoes, planks and kayaks.

2. Incorporate a soft luggage rack for lighter items

Including a soft luggage rack inside your van as part of your cargo drawer system during the cargo drawer setup will enable you to utilise the roof cavity to store soft, light articles. The drop down gate leaves space enough for you to still use your centre rear vision mirror provided it is set up properly.

3. Cargo barriers

Consider using rated cargo barriers to enable you to maximise storage area use safely and securely. Cargo barriers are an essential part of the professional grade van cargo drawer system. They help accessorise the van in many ways such as:

  • – Helping maximise the cargo space in your work van;
  • – Optimising the space in your van for safe transportation of your valuable tools and equipment;
  • – Keeping everything organised;and
  • – Increasing efficiency on-the-job

4. Consider shelving the van


Van shelving is key in a cargo drawer setup that keeps your valuable equipment off the floor. In addition, the cargo drawer system that features van shelves maximises space utility. That is because items of different sizes can be perfectly grouped together in different shelves. Just be sure to go for durable shelving units to give you maximum value for your money.


In cargo drawer setup, you don’t have to pick only a few solutions and leave out the rest. You can actually use a combination of some or all of these storage solutions to make the best use of your van storage.

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