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Camping & Adventure Vehicle Fit Outs

Our fully custom camping drawers and adventure fit outs are exactly what you need to create your dream camper.  Store all your camping gear and have all your equipment on hand, including the kitchen sink.

Camping Drawers Melbourne

Storage Drawers for Camping - Take It All With You

At Best Off Road we specialise in custom designed camping fitouts for 4WDs and Campervans. With your priorities in mind, we can design a storage solution that will make the best use of your space and give you a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Do you love your comforts? Don’t worry, you can go camping with a fully equipped kitchen. Go bush with a fridge, kitchen bench, stove or even an oven, plus heaps of storage for all your food and cooking gear.

With Best Off Road storage drawers for camping, you can easily pack away all the essentials. Our camping storage drawers make organising everything a snap, and they allow you to quickly access and store away your gear in only a few seconds.

Our tough Australian made products offer you great value as well as superior quality. Best Off Road storage solutions will handle incredibly challenging environments without letting you down or compromising on aesthetics.

Extremely happy with the drawers! Couldn’t be happier with the finish. Guys did an unreal job awesome quality would highly recommend!

– Jack Young

Camper Van Drawers & Full Fit Out

This campervan fit out has been designed to optimise the use every space, making it both functional and attractive. The side drawers and storage space claimed from behind the bed, provides ample space for the kitchen stove top, fridge, kitchen supplies, water storage and water tap. Below the double bed, the space is optimised by installing large double lockable drawers for storage of all essentials, including medical supplies, camping gear, clothes and so much more.

Our units are high-quality, durable and custom made here in Melbourne. The storage units have quality parts, including run on full stainless steel roller bearings for camper drawers to ensure smooth operation and the confidence to take everything you need.

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4WD Camping Fit Out: Two Drawers & The Kitchen Sink

This flexible storage solution provides ample storage space thanks to the large drawers with dividers – creating boxes to organise and store all your gear securely. The two drawer systems leaves plenty of open space in the back to use as needed.

The star feature of this design is the built in sink and bench space. The pull out kitchen sink fits neatly under the bench when not in use.

These robust storage units are 100% manufactured in our Melbourne factory – designed to handle years of trouble-free regular usage in the toughest conditions.

Contact us now to design and manufacture your custom four wheel drive camping solution today!

4WD Camping Fit Out: The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

Keen on a full kitchen for your campaign adventures?  Look no further, we will design and built it for you!

This practical and cleverly designed mobile kitchen, gives everything you need in the most compact way. Featuring a double slide and storage drawer with dividers, it packs away neatly and securely into the back of the ute when not in use leaving plenty of room for your camping gear. Slide 1, with support legs, holds the oven & stove next to the built in bench and lift out kitchen sink, and slide 2, allows easy access to the fridge.

Our storage drawers for camping gear can be customised to suit any vehicle and are suited for all sorts of leisure activities where you find yourself taking your vehicle or trailer. There are camper trailer storage drawers, camper van drawers, as well as custom options that allow you to pack away exactly what you want for your own unique adventures.

Are you keen to get your perfect camping storage solution? Request a quote to talk to us about your custom camping storage solution!

Very good drawers and excellent service

– Ash Palmer

camper trailer sliding drawers

Personalised Storage Solutions

No matter where life takes you, our camping drawers are ready to make organising your equipment fun, simple and fast. These are great for those who love camping, four-wheeling, off-roading and so much more. Whatever your passion is, these camping storage drawers are able to be built around your exact wants and needs. Pick and choose from a series of drawers with dividers, slide-out benches, refrigeration units, and more. Once you choose a layout, all the pieces are easy to take out should you need to store large or bulky equipment.

Make your vehicle a fully-loaded adventure machine with a wide range of storage options. Or turn your trailer into the perfect travel accessory with a near limitless number of storage solutions that include camper trailer sliding drawers, camper trailer storage drawers and more. We help you to recreate your vehicle into the perfect outdoor companion for less.

Prepare for Any Adventure

Taking on the world requires being well-prepared. With Best Off Road storage solutions you will never find yourself lacking exactly what you need to make the best of your situation. The right storage space can make any trip more manageable, and more fun. When you have what you need with you wherever you go, you can start to enjoy any excursion to the fullest.

With a series of storage drawers, taking on a major road trip with the family is a snap. Each family member can have their own space for clothes and keepsakes that will ensure everything stays organised and easy to access. Or if you plan to go camping, you can ensure you have space for refrigerating meats, storing utensils and gear, and keeping your clothes and other essentials organised and dry.

These storage options are also great when you plan to go off-roading or 4-wheeling. If you have a trailer, then the camper trailer sliding drawers will help you have easy access to foods, tools, camera equipment and anything else that will make the outing complete. There is no limit to how these tough, durable and custom made storage solutions can best benefit you.

Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.

Customise a Design to Suit You

This is not a one-size-fits-all type of solution. If you aren’t able to locate the perfect design from our range of units, we can make a custom-designed storage option that will precisely fit your vehicle and your needs. Best Off Road provides you with custom storage options that are designed to be tough, yet lightweight and easy to work with. You can easily get boxes, drawers and other options that can be quickly removed or added on to, allowing you to help your vehicle or trailer meet a wide-variety of unique needs.

Each item is hand-made in Melbourne and is designed to be able to handle even the toughest of environments. We make storage options that you can truly rely on. These are strong, practical, and secure systems built to go wherever life takes you. When you have Best Off Road storage solutions supporting your adventures, you know you have a system that you can rely on.

Get in contact with us today and let us know exactly what you need. Our experts will work with you to come up with a custom solution that will match up with your exact needs and specifications. Soon it will be time to go on another adventure, make sure you can take everything with you.

Custom Vehicle Drawers for Storage Melbourne

Have a custom unit designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Our robust storage units are 100% manufactured in our Melbourne factory using quality, heavy-duty materials.