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From large vans to family SUVs, we offer every vehicle storage option you can possibly require, all at the best value. No one-size-fits-all approach here – if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our range we will happily go the extra mile to customise units to meet your unique needs.

A Melbourne-based family owned-and-operated business established in 2006, Best Off Road is proud to have been the first manufacturer in Australia to offer these specialist storage products at great value and of our track record of more than 12 years of successfully fulfilling custom orders.

Just call or email us to speak directly with our Founder, Jim Best or his son, our General Manager James Best. Our dedicated and highly-valued core team also includes Jenny Best in administration, our Construction Expert Stephen Best and our design specialist Ash.

Best Off Road Team, Melbourne
Custom Vehicle Drawers for Storage Melbourne

Our Commitment to Quality

All of our units are 100% designed and manufactured at our Melbourne factory before either being installed in our workshop for local customers or shipped Australia-wide.

  • Built to last, our products come with a practical two-year warranty.
  • Our state-of-the-art computerised technology and machinery delivers top quality drawer systems that no other manufacturer can match.
  • Customising your drawer system to precisely fit your vehicle frees up more storage space than conventional steel drawers.
  • Easy to mount and remove in just minutes. Most of our drawer systems are designed for easy installation and fast removal if not in use.

We Built Them Tough with Absolute Precision

Our storage units are computer-designed to ensure precision. All components are cut on a CNC Flatbed Router which cuts to tolerances of 0.05 mm (2 thou), so every cut, rout and screw hole is exactly where it belongs.

The majority of the unit is constructed out of structural plywood. To meet standards, the plywood is “boil tested” for 72 hours. After three straight days in a vat of boiling water, if the unit delaminates or swells it is rejected. So you can be sure that rain or the odd dunking in a river will not harm your storage unit.

The beauty of plywood is that, at a given weight, it is stronger than steel. Accordingly, our units are designed to be approximately half the weight (and price) of comparable steel units. Its other advantage is its natural flex, so it moves with your car’s body/chassis twist in rough terrain.

James Best - Custom vehicle storage for 4WD & Wagons

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