Cargo Drawers & Storage Boxes

Cargo Drawers & Storage Boxes

Tailor-made cargo drawers and storage boxes for the perfect fit.

Built To Last

We build our cargo storage boxes and drawers to withstand the rigours of the road. Our lightweight, custom-designed storage solutions look great and maximise your available space.

The Perfect Fit

Made to measure and CNC machine cut

Gap-free design keeps dust and moisture out

Wings around the unit create a nice, neat finish

Lightweight Design

Featherlight materials minimise your load

Typical dual cab ute storage boxes weigh just 70-75kg

Most 4×4 storage boxes weigh under 50kg

High Load Rating

Load ratings start from 150kg per drawer

Heavy-duty drawers support up to 300kg each

Place up to one tonne on top of the cargo drawer unit

Cargo Storage Boxes

Cargo drawer dividers make organisation a breeze. We custom-make all our units to suit your specific needs.

Popular Cargo Drawer & Storage Box Designs

We tailor-make all our units for your vehicle to guarantee the perfect fit.

Find the ideal design from our comprehensive range.

Single Drawer Units with Slide

Single Rear Cargo Drawer Unit

A single drawer allows storage on one side while leaving ample free space on the other. Combine a single drawer with a slide or workbench to maximise storage and retain space for larger items. This popular unit is an ideal addition for 4WDs, SUVs, wagons and utes.

Two Drawer Roller Units for Wagons

Two Rear Cargo Drawer Unit

The two-drawer unit is one of our most popular rear cargo drawer systems. The space-saving design offers double the storage plus plenty of room on top for your larger items. Perfect for station wagons as well as 4WDs, SUVs and utes.

three drawer unit Best Off Road

Three Rear Cargo Drawer Unit

Maximise your storage space with the triple-drawer design. Stash big tools on one side, and small fittings on the other. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room to put the big stuff on top. The versatile storage solution is brilliant for 4WDs, SUVs, wagons and utes.

two van side drawers with dividers

Side and Rear Cargo Drawers for Vans

This handy van storage design includes a newly carpeted false floor with storage drawers tucked away underneath. We can custom-create a wide range of van storage boxes and drawers, including single or double drawers in the rear or side of the van. Chuck in a van racking system for the ultimate fit-out. See our van storage drawers page for more design options.

Looking for something unique?

No worries. All our storage solutions are made-to-order.

Give us a call or request a free online quote so we can custom-manufacture the ideal solution for you.

You wish every business was run like this: quality of their workmanship comes before anything else. The staff are friendly, professional and have principles. You read that correctly — principles. Great value!

– Tim Martindale

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Made In Melbourne with Top-Quality Parts

As a proudly Australian-owned business, we make the bulk of our materials, parts, and accessories right here in Melbourne. We manufacture as much as possible in-house, sourcing from other local businesses wherever possible to fill in the gaps.

We use top-quality materials to craft durable drawers and ensure years of trouble-free use. Many accessories and extra features come standard with no additional cost:

  • Stainless steel fully sealed roller bearings, with a lifetime replacement warranty for the rail and roller bearing systems
  • Heavy-duty automotive carpets
  • Tie downs points
  • Vehicle stays
  • Secure locks

All our products are made in our Dandenong factory and can be shipped Australia-wide.

James Best - Custom vehicle storage for 4WD & Wagons

Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.

Storage Solutions for Your Vehicle

Find your perfect storage solution now, simply choose your vehicle type:

Cargo Storage Boxes Custom-Designed To Fit Your Ride

Can’t find the right design in our standard unit range? No worries. We’ll work with you to custom-design the perfect solution for your ride:

  • Manufacture any design to suit every vehicle or application.
  • Provide ongoing modifications to suit your evolving needs.
  • And most importantly, our fully customised units won’t send you broke.

Need inspiration? Top ideas for custom storage solutions include:

Send us a sketch or have a chat with the Best off Road team. Request a quote or call us so we can start designing your custom cargo drawers today.

Surveyor custom wagon 4WD drawers
upright fridge in double stacker
Slides for Vehicle Storage
camper drawers and slides

They did the drawers and storage for my Toyota HiAce chippy van 2 years ago. Good quality very happy!

– Justin Hickie

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Get the Best Quality Storage Units at the Best Price

Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.