4WD Drawers

4WD Storage Drawers

A 4WD storage drawer can help make each camping trip easier and enjoyable

4WD Drawer Systems From $1199

Looking for professional 4WD drawers? Best Off Road are your Melbourne 4WD storage experts. Our strong, super-light drawer systems are customised to exactly fit your vehicle – leaving no unwanted gaps that let in dust or moisture.

Typical 4WD units weigh just 40 kg and are simple to install. We’ve made them easy to remove too when not needed. The drawers attach to your 4WDs existing tie-down anchor points, saving you valuable space and doing away with drilling extra holes in your vehicle’s bodywork.

Two Drawer Unit

  • 150 kg per drawer
  • Removable Dividers
  • Lockable
  • Easily bolt into existing anchor points
Two Drawer Roller Units for Wagons

Single Drawer Units

  • Great for storage on one side, leaving plenty of room for big items
  • Available in a huge range of lengths, widths and heights.
  • 150 kg per drawer
Single Drawer Units with Slide

Single Draw Unit with Slide

  • Ideal for travelling with a fridge
  • Will handle the toughest terrain
Single Draw Unit with Slide

Three Drawer Unit

  • Two small 160mm high drawers, larger 360mm drawer.
  • Great to store big tools on one side, small tools and fittings on the other.
  • Optional “compartment dividers” provide 1 large/21 small compartments per drawer
three drawer unit Best Off Road


  • Flat slide with 18mm base – ideal for securing equipment and machinery
  • Super slide’s low sides and dividers hold everything safely in place
  • Easy access to all your gear – no climbing in the back!
  • Great for shopping – your groceries don’t slide around in the back
  • Attaches to the top of your drawers into existing nuts – removable in under five minutes.
Slides for Vehicle Storage

Fridge In Drawer Unit

  • Panel drops down creating a flat-top two drawer unit when fridge isn’t needed.
  • Save money – no need for an expensive fridge slide.
  • Multi-purpose – great too for weekend camping and travelling!
Fridge in Drawer Unit

Custom Units

  • We can build just about any design to suit any vehicle or application.
  • Our custom units don’t cost a fortune.
  • Ongoing modifications to suit your changing needs.
James Best - Custom vehicle storage for 4WD & Wagons

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Fit your vehicle with heavy-duty Australian-made custom storage.