Pimp Your Ride: Get Yourself Top Notch Drawer Systems From Best Off Road

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What’s missing from your 4WD or Ute?

It is something that you might not be quick to guess, yet its importance cannot be undermined.

I’m referring to a High Quality Drawer System.

But you don’t need just any drawer system.

You need one from Best Off Road.

We make them with complete care and precision, ensuring that each unit will serve you for many years.

strong>Why Get a Drawer System from Best Off Road?

hi Simply put, we are bloody good at what we do. We are a small company with big ideas. That’s why no one else will make you a drawer system that is as durable as the ones we install.

And no one can match our price.

And that’s not even half of it.

Our drawers are beautiful. Made from vintage plywood, these drawer systems will give your ride a look that will be the envy of your neighbours and fellow 4WD owners.


Plywood makes drawer systems uper light and they move with your vehicle’s chassis, especially when you are driving in rough terrain.

They are perfectly fitted and they slide in and out seamlessly. You will enjoy sliding them in and out, feeling the seamless motion in your hands. Nothing beats that feeling.

Quality Drawer Systems


At Best Off Road we use state-of-the-art computerised equipment to design top notch 4WD drawer systems.

Our process of construction ensures that no other manufacturer can match the quality of our drawer systems.
Everything – from the dimensions, to alignment, to design and fit – is measured and controlled to ensure the best finished product.

When finally fitted, the drawers leave no unwanted gaps. More importantly, the drawer system is completely sealed to ensure that dust does not creep in when the drawers are closed.

Note that some of the other drawer systems in the market leave up to an inch at the top drawer.

The result?

Dust pours into the drawers. You end up paying a high price for a drawer system that is not dustproof.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Variety is Our Middle Name

Have a look at our fridge in drawer unit to get a better idea of what you are actually buying.

If you can’t find a design that inspires you among our pre-made units, we will custom install one for you.

Custom Made Storage Drawer Systems for Vans, 4WD, and Tradies

What makes us different from all our competitors?

Apart from offering the highest quality storage drawer systems, we also take the time to listen to our customers so we could fully custom drawer system fittings.

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to things.

Which is why we can custom build unique drawer systems for your ride or any ride. Even better, often, the price will be in the same range as our premade fittings.

Our experience and expertise with storage drawer systems mean we can come up with creative designs to suit your needs and style.

You get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.

Great Use of Your Vehicle’s Space

Since we build the drawer system to match your vehicle’s exact size, you end up getting more storage space in your drawers, more than what you’d get with conventional steel drawers.


Our units are secured to existing points in your vehicle, saving you even more space.
Many 4WD come equipped with 4 or more tie-down anchor points in the rear cargo space. We use these points to mount the drawer system, meaning we do not drill additional and unnecessary holes in your vehicle’s bodywork.
Did we mention the meticulousness of our process?

Easy to Mount and Remove

You probably don’t need the drawer system mounted on your vehicle all the time. We thought of that too.
Most of the drawer systems from Best Off Road have been designed to be easily removed when necessary. If you can change a light bulb in your house, you can mount and unmount these babes with so much ease.

Reinstalling the system is also as easy.

With just two spanners and a little craftsmanship, you will have the unit back in your vehicle in no time.

Is Plywood Strong Enough for 4WD Drawer Systems?

This is a good question.

Some people wonder whether plywood drawer systems are strong enough to withstand the bump and bustle of a rough terrain.

From experience, we can confidently vouch for plywood drawer systems. They are stronger and more versatile than drawers made of steel.

It is common knowledge that steel can crack, especially on riveted joints or welds.


On the other hand, well-riveted and glued plywood rarely comes apart.

As long as the drawers are made of plywood, not MDF or chipboard, you are guaranteed of a drawer system that is suitable in almost all road and weather conditions.

Further, ply absorbs shock better than metal. Take a metal and a plywood drawer system on rough terrain and observe how the two handle the shock.

Steel drawers will start developing metal fatigue while its ply counterpart remains as good as new.

After a few years, metal drawers become rotty and noisy. The noise itself will make you dread in anticipating your next trip. Plywood does not have this problem.

Let’s get to work

We would like to work with you. We value you and your decision to make Best Off Road your go-to drawer system guys.

If you are ready for your next project, we are too. Contact us now and let’s get to work.

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