Top 3 Trades who benefit from a custom-designed van storage unit

Whenever there’s a burst pipe, a dead outlet, or a leak in your office, factory or home, your usual response is to hire a tradesperson to come and fix it. Trying to fix the problem yourself may only lead to further damage, so better leave it to the experts. After all, a qualified tradie has the skills and tools necessary to get the job done seamlessly and fast.

Calling in a tradesperson in case of an emergency or for a scheduled service has never been easier these days, thanks to the improved means communication and transportation. With just one call, they can quickly make their way to your home or workplace, assess the situation, and recommend a solution. They usually travel in a van or truck, carrying all their tools and the materials needed for the repair.

Unfortunately, having a van or utility vehicle alone is no longer sufficient to ensure the ultimate productivity and efficiency in the field. Smart tradies are now customizing their vans or trucks by installing a van storage unit where they can conveniently organize and store their working tools and equipment. This way they can easily access exactly what is needed (and when it’s needed) without sorting through clutter for the exact tool or part at the right time.

Here are some of the trades who will seriously benefit by fitting a top notch storage unit or custom made storage drawers made by Best Off Road for their commercial vehicles.


Are you sick and tired of electrical surges killing your appliances one by one? Or perhaps your circuit breaker is tripping frequently. Whatever your electrical problem is, electricians are the best qualified for the job. In their vans, you’ll find a wide range of items, including circuit testers, screw drivers, wire strippers, and pliers to name a few. You know you’ve hired a reliable tradie if all their tools are carefully arranged in a custom storage unit or storage drawers fitted in the van.


Clogged drains and leaky pipes are best left to plumbers. Unlike an electrician’s tools, a plumber’s tools are usually designed to resist the impact of moisture. After all, plumbing jobs often involve exposure to various kinds of fluid, including hard water and sewage. Plumbers with a custom designed van storage unit can easily and safely store away all their tools before and after use.


If there’s one thing you can easily associate with janitorial services, it’s the profusion of cleaning equipment and agents, from simple hand-held rugs to heavy-duty pressure cleaners. Of course they cannot store the larger pieces of equipment in a van storage unit, but instead they can use the storage unit space to store away all the ancillary items for less clutter and much improved organization.

There are many other trades who will benefit from fitting a well-designed storage space in their vehicles. Even retailers with work vehicles can greatly benefit by adding this feature. If you want one for your own vehicle, there are several things you should consider. Quality and reliability is critical. You need to have trust in the manufacturer and be assured that they are there to help with service well after the sale.

Most importantly, make sure that the storage unit is designed and manufactured locally and by a trusted provider. Here in Victoria, your best option for a respected van storage manufacturer is Best Off Road in Dandenong.

Call Jim and the team for a no obligation quote and checkout their selection of custom drawer units in the showroom or on the website. You won’t be disappointed.


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