Stay organised with a van storage unit this winter.

There’s no stopping us Aussies from enjoying the great outdoors. Not even the cold of winter. In fact no matter the season, many of us have a passion to explore all of the country’s great trails, so much so that “winter camping” has became a common term. If you’re considering jumping on the bandwagon, here are a few winter camping hacks you should consider.

Know what you are dealing with

Not a lot changes in the Australian country side, except of course the weather and temperature, it is still important for every camper to conduct a little research about the terrain and if possible, the selected campsite area before hitting the road. Whether you want a glimpse of the wildlife at Mornington Wilderness Camp or to brave the coarse track to the Lawn Hill Gorge, you need to know just how much gear you need to pack in order to carry all passengers and belongings to the campsite safely and in comfort. A 4WD with a sturdy, well designed storage unit would be ideal.

A ute storage unit for better organisation

Should you consider installing a storage unit into a ute or a van and you want it to last for years of trouble-free service, you will want to have it built and fitted with a custom storage solution from Best Off Road. We build a tough Aussie product with drawers of different dimensions to suit a wide range of storage needs. If you’re the type that loves bringing everything but the kitchen sink to campsites, then being organised with safety and passenger comfort in mind it essential. Instead of indiscriminately throwing your belongings into the van and forgetting where they landed when it’s time to unload, you can quickly organise and safely pack your items in your van storage unit. It also helps save time upon your arrival by making unloading so much easier. In fact, you may need to not unload at all, since accessing your gear directly from the storage drawer may prove more practical.

Bring only what you need

It’s a no brainer but you will still see countless camping articles suggesting that you bring only what you need. There are many reasons for this message, which is especially important when it comes to long or extended journeys involving a full passenger load plus all gear where unnecessary weight means the difference between fuel, water and capacity for essential supplies. Too much ‘wasted’ weight may place extra burden on the vehicle for very little gain, possibly even leading to more frequent downtime on the road, which in turn could pose added hazards to you or other motorists. Bring only the items you need to have a safe and positive journey to and from your destination.

Apart from the basic camping gear, there are some key essentials that you need to pack for your trip. Don’t forget to bring a complete first aid kit, enough sunscreen and insect repellent, flashlights and lamps. You will be cooking several times a day so make sure to bring a burner stove along with sufficient propane cylinders. Even the small items need to be added like cutlery (plastic or conventional) biodegradable dishwashing soap and scouring pads.

Regardless of what you plan to bring to the camp, organisation is a must if you want to make the most of your trip. Having a fully equipped vehicle can definitely make you feel more confident about your trip. To get started, have a chat with the team at Best Off Road about your particular needs.


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