Getting ready for a camping trip with a 4WD storage drawer in your Off-Roader

Australia is well known throughout the world for its spectacular landscapes and forests. Our backwoods stretch out for thousands of kilometers, providing locals and tourists with fantastic park views and campsites. Just a week in the wilderness can remove all the stress from your body and help you refresh and prepare for getting back to work. If you want to fully enjoy your camping trip, there are a number of things you need to prepare.

Tent and Bed

To make the most out of your camping experience, don’t deny yourself a good night’s sleep. A spacious tent and a comfortable bed are must-haves when camping. After a long day trekking into the wild, hiking, fishing or just plain relaxing, your tent and bed can give you some much-needed rest throughout the evening.

Makeshift Lamp

Evenings at the campsite can be particularly dark, pitch black in most cases, which is why you need to set up temporary lighting. A flashlight will not provide your tent’s interior with ambient light. Using candles or a gas-powered lamp won’t be enough either, and can also pose fire hazards. The best alternative is a lamp strapped to a gallon jug of water. The light from the lamp is refracted as it passes through the translucent container, spreading the light inside the tent.

Mosquito Repellent

You’ll likely encounter mosquitoes at some point during your camping trip. Expect these pesky pests to abound particularly near a water source. This is why it is imperative to bring mosquito repellent when going camping. Choosing a tent that can be zipped shut is always a good idea to keep mosquitoes and other pests out.


It is best to bring clothing suited to the environment and weather, both during the day and for night time.. Temperature differences between day and night can vary substantially across Australia, so be prepared for cold, warm wet or dry climates, depending on your planned trip locations.. During the day, wear loose clothing so that you can freely move around in comfort. It is wise to bring some head protection from the harsh sun, so a wide-brimmed hat will not go astray either.

Where to store your items

Before adding more items to your list, determine how you will store them into your 4WD. One smart way to keep things organized in your vehicle throughout the camping trip is to place them in a storage drawer. Equipped with carefully measured partitions, the drawer offers sufficient space for each type of item you wish to carry on your journey. To ensure that your storage drawer is of the highest quality, have it locally built and installed by professional 4WD storage providers, like Best Off Road.

Need more help?

Why not give the friendly team at Best Off Road a call. They’re experts in their field so if you are not sure how to best go about organising your 4WD storage, have a chat to Jim and the boys and get the job done properly the first time.


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