Our van, 4WD and ute storage products

All manufactured in our factory in Dandenong, Australia
All units come with two year warranty.

Two Drawer Roller Bearing Units for Wagons

  • 150 kg per drawer
  • Removable Dividers
  • Lockable
  • Bolt into existing points in the car, no drilling and easy to fit

Two Drawer Roller Bearing Units for Utes

  • Each unit custom designed to maximise space in each ute
  • 150 kg per ute storage drawer
  • Full floor effectively doubles the storage space in your ute
  • Available in heights from 220 mm to 480 mm. Standard is 290


  • Flat slide with 18mm base is ideal to secure equipment and machinery
  • Super slide has low sides and dividers to hold everything in place
  • Makes accessing gear in the ute easy, no climbing in the back
  • Great for shopping, your groceries and booze don’t slide around
  • Attaches to the top of your drawers into captive nuts and can taken be off in five minutes.

Super Heavy Duty Slide

  • Creates a full slide out floor in your ute
  • Rated to 450 kg evenly spread, 300 kg on the end
  • Unbreakable
  • Available with tie down points

Van Drawers to suit every Van on the market.

  • Complete new carpeted floor in your van with drawers underneath
  • All your smaller tools and gear is stored in drawers with the floor to accommodate all of your big stuff
  • Dividers can be removed or relocated for versatility
  • Makes your van look so professional

Three Drawer Unit

  • Two small drawers with 160mm internal height and the big one has 360
  • Great to store big tools on one side and small tools and fittings on the other.
  • Can be optioned with “compartment dividers” to provide 21 small compartments and one large per drawer

Custom Units

  • We can build just about any design to suit any application
  • Our custom units do not cost a fortune
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • We do ongoing modifications to suit your changing needs

Fridge In Drawer Unit

  • Great for utes to keep the fridge down low and easy to access
  • Panel that drops into place when fridge is not needed to return unit to a normal two drawer unit with full flat top
  • Saves money by not needing an expensive fridge slide
  • Tradie unit during the week and great for camping and travelling

Single Drawer Units

  • Great for storage on one side leaving the other side of your ute or wagon open for the big items
  • Available in a huge range of lengths, widths and heights.
  • Rated to 150 kg

Upgrade your ute storage today!

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